The Newseyletters” were started by Richard Hoffner somewhere around 2010, a few years after the Decatur Chapter began allowing collectors to place a deposit toward toward future covers.  Originally, a plain band of paper was wrapped and taped around the covers, along with an annotation of the balance owed.  It was only later that the idea was born to make that paper into a newsletter.  Rich says that “ I suspect that I’ll never be able to pinpoint when I started issuing the Newseyletters. There was no subscription or did I number them. It just seemed like a good idea to share news with collectors.”  They were not mailed at regular intervals, just when it was appropriate for the cachets being produced.


Besides information on Chapter covers, the newsletters often mention upcoming ship events, especially Coast Guard, as well as short news items from press releases.  New pictorial cancels in the works are also shown.   Although these newsletters were done for practical purposes, this compilation now provides a good resource, especially if researching the background on certain cachets and pictorials.

There is no comprehensive listing of the Newseyletters, but there are some gaps in this collection.  Most are just one page.  They were sent to us in various formats and quality; they have now been converted to searchable PDF format.  To assist research, we have listed the main topics found in each issue.

Issue Date       –      Topics


2021 December                Decatur Chapter changes
2021 mid Sept                  Korean and Vietnamese Submarines
 2021 July-2021                   Manta Ray Project, Harpoon Missiles
 2021 early January            New pictorials


 2020 late November        French sub PERLE, new US subs and frigates
 2020 late October            Sub memorial, Karcher cachets, private markings
 2020 mid October            VN sub, RV Mayflower, new pictorials 
2020 early October          
Russian ship fire, Naval/CG contracts
2020 mid September        New pictorials, China aircraft carrier, Russian sub
2020 early August             CG Birthday
2020 mid July                    Egyptian Navy, Triton submarine
2020 early July                  Japanese, French & Australian subs
2020 mid June                   PO delays, Japanese ship, US subs
2020 early May                  Fires on carrier, subs Delaware & Vermont
2020 April                          (Poor Copy) – same content as June 2020


2019 mid December           Cancel updates, CG cutter, Russian sub 
2019 early December #2    List of 2020 anniversaries, New navy Squadron 
2019 early December #1     New CG and Navy vessels
2019 late November           USS Columbia, Russian/French ships
2019 mid November           New Navy ships, Israeli & China ships
2019 mid August                 US and Canadian CG ships
2019 mid June                     Fast frigates, USNS Navajo
2019 mid April                    Viet Nam CG, new CG icebreaker, new sub class
2019 mid March                  New subs, CG cutters, Iran sub
2019 early March #2           Barracks ships, fast frigates, new pictorials
2019 early March #1           Argentine sub sunk, oil platform ship
2019 mid January               Canadian warships, Russian sub and drydock
2019 early January             Remains of sub Explorer in Panama, new pictorial


2018 late November          Coast Guard Birthday
2018 early October            New ship construction, Polish navy
2018 late July                      New pictorials, Chinese and Italian navy
2018 mid July                     Trump summit, China CG, Russian ship
2018 mid June                    USS Michael Monsoor, Training ship, Saudi vessel
2018 early May                   Thresher pictorial, Kuwaiti boat, Russian navy
2018 early March                New proposed ships, Indian & Israeli ship
2018 mid February              British & Russian navy, USS Dallas cover
2018 late January                Various foreign navy ships


2017 late December          New pictorials, Hurricane ships, USS Corpus Christi
2017 mid October              Polish, Danish, Russian, N Korean ships, USCG
2017 early October            Services for USS Fitzgerald & McCain, USNS Puller
2017 late September         Recent USPS issues Russian DSRV
2017 mid September         USS Ling, Hurricane ships, HMS Queen Elizabeth


2015 late October              SS United States, USS Gerald Ford
2015 mid October              USS Zumwalt, French ship, new pictorial
2015 early October            CG North Pole, Glomar Explorer, new pictorial
2015 late September         Russian spy ship, Renaming sub classifications
2015 mid September         New pictorials, Chinese warships
2015 early September       Various foreign ships
2015 late August                CG seizures, foreign submersibles, CG Study Group
2015 mid August                Iranian frigate, USS Gerald Ford
2015 early August #2          CG pictorials, Boing sub
2015 early August #1          New pictorial, BRP Sierra Madre
2015 early July                    New pictorials/rules, Taiwan CG
2015 mid June                    USS Arizona Memorial struck, foreign ships
2015 early June                  CGC Rush transferred, Russian ship
2015 late May                     PIPEX cancel, CGC Sweetbriar, new pictorial
2015 early May                   New pictorials
2015 late April                    Navy ship assignments, Navy drone subs
2015 mid April                    Various foreign navy ships
2015 mid March                 CG icebreakers, new navy ships, new pictorial
2015 early March               Russian ships, USS Peleiu pictorial
2015 late January               New pictorial, CGC’s Sherman, Rush, USS Norfolk
2015 mid January               Navy search for aircraft, new pictorials
2015 early January             Shipyard spy, new navy ships, USS Norfol

Issue Date         –        Topics


2014 late December            HMAS Canberra, USS Anchorage, new pictorials
2014 late November           Civilian ships, CGC Trump, MV Arctic Sunrise
2014 mid November           Israeli sub, Constellation, CGC’s Sapelo/Sea Hawk
2014 early October             New Pictorials
2014 early August               Viet Nam sub, USPS issues, new pictorials
2014 late July                       CG ships and news, Brazilian sub
2014 mid July                       USS Giffords, DSV Alvin, Russian ships
2014 early June                    New subs to be built, new pictorial
2014 early May                     CG cutters, Russian sub
2014 mid April                     USS Ford Christening, Russian subs
2014 late March                   Coverfest, CG cutters, Russian sub
2014 mid February              New CG cutters
2014 early February            CG news, foreign icebreakers
2014 mid January                CG cutter news, USS Dallas
2014 early January              New CG cutters


2013 early December          New subs, CG news, new USS Thach pictorial
2013 mid September          Greenpeace issues, missile test, new pictorials
2013 early September        USS North Dakota, new pictorials
2013 late July                      USS Fort Worth, USS Pueblo, USS Reagan covers
2013 early July                    USS Dallas, new pictorials
2013 late June                     USS Minnesota, USS Guardian, USS Reagan
2013 late May                      USS Warner, new CG cutter, CGC Joshua James
2013 late April                     CG cachets, new pictorials
2013 mid April                     USS Enterprise caches, new pictorials
2013 early March                 Coverfest, USS Guardian, new pictorials
2013 mid February              New pictorials, CGC Morro Bay
2013 early February            USS Guardian
2013 early January              Sub fire, Argentine training ship, new pictorials


2012 mid December            RV Kikuliaq, USS Warner
2012 early December          USS Key West, USS North Dakota, CGC Jarvis
2012 mid October                USS Iowa, new anniversary pictorials
2012 late September           Iran operations, USS Enterprise 
2012 early September         USS Olympia
2012 late August                  Shell icebreaker, USS Miami, USS Olympia
2012 mid August                  CG in arctic
2012 early August                USS Zumwalt, USS Decatur pictorial
2012 late July                       CGC Polar Sea, USS Miami, Israeli sub
2012 mid July                       CGC Etheridge, USS Miami
2012 early July                     CGC Etheridge, USS New Jersey
2012 mid June #2                 List of ships planned for decommission
2012 mid June #1                  CGC Dallas, USS L.B. Johnson, USS Mississippi
2012 late April                      CGC Etheridge, USS New Jersey
2012 mid April                      SS United States, Shell icebreaker, Russian navy
2012 early April                    USS Mississippi pictorial, Midway museum
2012 early March                  USS New Mexico, icebreaker funding
2012 mid February               USF Constitution, Shell icebreaker, Israeli sub
2012 mid January                 CG cutters, Constellation Anniv., new pictorials
2012 early January               Planned event pictorials


2011 late December               Past year event covers
2011 mid December               Cover problems, USS Truman
2011 early December             Bin Laden, CGC Stratton
2011 early November #2        USS Enterprise
2011 early November #1        USS Enterprise, USS Milwaukee
2011 late October #2              Flag stamps, USF Constitution, cancel issues
2011 late October #1              70th Pearl Harbor Anniv., new pictorials
2011 mid October                   New pictorials, USS Iowa
2011 late September              New cancels/pictorials, new CG cutters
2011 mid September              USS Iowa, USNS Spearhead
2011 early September            USS Washington error, pictorials, ship changes
2011 late August                     Wentworth Cachets, new covers/pictorials
2011 mid August                     New pictorials, issues with covers
2011 early August                   Various foreign warships
2011 mid July                          New navy contracts, USS Philadelphia
2011 early July                        Navy high-speed ships, pictorials
2011 late June                         USS Kitty Hawk, CGC Healy, Chinese navy
2011 mid June                         USS Jarrett, Karcher covers
2011 early June                       Marine aviation, new navy covers/cancels
2011 mid May                         Norfolk post officer, new CG cutters
2011 late April                        New pictorials
2011 mid April                        New navy covers and pictorials
2011 early April                      CG icebreakers, SS United States, pictorials
2011 early February               Submersible platforms, CGC Eagle
2011 mid January                   Naval aviation, new pictorials
2011 early January                 New navy ship, US Army vessels


2010 mid March                     Rickenbacker survives on raft