Current Officers and Directors

Current Officers, Directors, and Managers
       (as of April 1, 2023)

President: Laurie Bernstein, Email: (Laurie Bernstein
Vice President: Charlie Hamilton, Email: (Charlie Hamilton
Secretary: Steve Shay, Email: (Steve Shay
Treasurer: Lloyd Ferrell, Email: (Lloyd Ferrell
Past President: Richard D. Jones, Email: (Richard D. Jones

Dick Keiser, Email: (Dick Keiser
Lawrence Brennan, Email: (Lawrence Brennan
Dennis Gill, Email: (Dennis Gill
Richard Hoffner, Sr. Email: (Richard Hoffner
Tom Kean, Email: (Tom Kean
Stewart Milstein, Email: (Stewart Milstein
Bill Nix, Email: (Bill Nix
Randy Pence, Email: (Randy Pence

American Philatelic Society (APS) Liaison: Charlie Hamilton, Email: (Charlie Hamilton
Awards Committees:
         Annual Society Awards: Richard Jones, Email: (Richard D. Jones
         Hall of Fame Awards: Richard Jones, Email: (Richard D. Jones
         Ray and Helen St. John Award: John Germann, Email (John Germann
         Stanton Honeyman Award: Randy Pence, Email (Randy Pence) and Bill Nix, eMail (Bill Nix
Donations & Heirs Committee: Robert ReisingerEmail: (Robert Reisinger
Log Auction:
         Laurie Benrstein, Email: (Laurie Bernstein
Log Editor: Richard D. Jones, Email: (Richard D. Jones)
Member Chapters Coordinator: Mel Dick, Email: (Mel Dick)                         
Naval Cover Museum: Greg Ciesielski, Email: (Greg Ciesielski)
New Cancel Coordinator: Greg Ciesielski, Email: (Greg Ciesielski
New Website Committee: Lloyd Ferrell, Email: (Lloyd Ferrell) 
Sales Circuits:
Stewart Milstein, Email: (Stewart Milstein
USCS Catalog of Naval Postmarks: Greg Ciesielski, Email: (Greg Ciesielski
USCS Convention:
         Coordinator: Steve Shay. Email: (Steve Shay) 
         Convention Auction Manager: Lloyd Ferrell, Email: (Lloyd Ferrell) 
USCS Cover Service: Rich Hoffner, Email: (Rich Hoffner
USCS Funded Pictorial Cancellations: Rich Hoffner, Email: (Rich Hoffner
USCS Ship Cachet Donation Project: Rich Hoffner, Email: (Rich Hoffner
Website Team:  Charlie Hamilton, Email: (Charlie Hamilton
                           Lloyd Ferrell, Email: (Lloyd Ferrell
                           Ayln Lunt, Email: (Ayln Lunt