Active USCS Chapters
(as of June 2021)

Primarily Online Chapters 
Although these groups do sometimes have live meetings, e.g., at the USCS convention, most chapter activity is on their Facebook group.  Click on the chapter links provided and request to join their group (no fees involved).

Online Chapter 
DSV ALVIN Chapter #108 (aka DSV ALVIN Study Group)
Visit their Facebook page:  Click HERE for DSV ALVIN Chapter Facebook Group
David DuBois, 709 Sandwich Rd, East Falmouth, MA  02536-4747

Online Chapter
N.S. SAVANNAH Chapter #109
Visit their Facebook page:  Click HERE for NS SAVANNAH Chapter Facebook Group
Art Cole, 11004 Louis Dr SE, Huntsville AL 35803-1008

Online Chapter
USS Constitution Chapter #110
Visit their Facebook page: Click HERE for USS CONSTITUTION Chapter Facebook Group
Dennis Owen, 36 Prospect St, Charleston MA 02129-3403

Online Chapter
U.S. Coast Guard Chapter #111
Visit their Facebook page:  Click HERE for US COAST GUARD Chapter Facebook Group
Richard F. Hoffner, Sr. 415 Moyer Rd., Souderton PA 18964-2319

Online Chapter
Pearl Harbor Chapter #112
Visit their Facebook page: Click HERE for PEARL HARBOR Chapter Facebook Group
Lloyd Ferrell, PO Box 2086, Beaverton OR 97075-2086

Traditional USCS Chapters
Our traditional chapters are located in different geographic areas in the United States, and also in Europe.  They periodically have local meetings—get togethers that may involve a presentation as well as buying/trading covers.  Contact information is provided below:

California (San Francisco Bay Area)
USS Saginaw Chapter #59
Steve Shay, 747 Shard Ct., Fremont CA 94539

California (Los Angeles Area)
USS Ronald Reagan Chapter #107
Mel Dick, 84 Bradford Ave., Camarillo CA 93010-1703

USS Nathan Hale Chapter #68
David A. Kent, PO Box 127, New Britain CT 06050
(203) 667-1400

Maryland, DC and Virginia Areas
Admiral Byrd Chapter #11
Dick Morain, 302 Lindenshade Ct., Millersville MD 21108-1838

New Jersey 
USS New Jersey Chapter #90
Stewart Milstein, PO Box 340141 Brooklyn, NY 11234-0004 (May – Oct)
or PO Box 1051, Cortaro, AZ 85652-1051 (Nov – Apr)

New York/New Jersey Area
USS Iowa Chapter #98
Stewart Milstein, PO Box 340141, Brooklyn, NY 11234-0004 (May-Oct)
or PO Box 1051, Cortaro AZ 85652-1051 (Nov-Apr)

North Carolina and Area
USS North Carolina Chapter #99
James P. Hanson, 4600 Berini Drive, Durham NC 27705-1709
Email: jimh1970@aol. com

Oregon and SW Washington 
USS Columbia Chapter #106
Mike Brock, 141 Kingsgate Rd, Lake Oswego, OR  97035

Pennsylvania (Delaware Valley Area) 
Stephen Decatur Chapter #4
Rich Hoffner, 415 Moyer Rd., Souderton PA 18964-2319

Virginia (Virginia Tidewater Area)
Taze Nicholson Chapter #104
Darrell W. Millner, 106 Maxwell Lane, Newport News, VA 23606
Email: wam9300@aol. com

Washington (Seattle/Tacoma Area) 
USS Puget Sound Chapter #74
Dennis W. Gill, 8414 13th St. E, Puyallup, WA 98373-5403

In Europe:  Belgium 
Mercator Chapter #85
Paul Struyf, Augustijnenstraat 15, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium 

In Europe: Germany
Graf Von Spee Chapter #65
Wolfgang Herold, Goslarsche Str 5, Wolfebuttel 38304 Germany

Interested in Forming a Chapter? The Chapter Coordinator can help with lists of members in your area, organizational materials and other assistance to form a local chapter in your area. Contact Mel Dick Email: