Zoom Presentations

Zoom Presentations

Beginning in 2021, the USCS began sponsoring monthly online Zoom presentations.  They cover various topics related to naval covers, and are done by USCS members who specialize in these areas.  Members of the USCS are welcome to join in on one of the upcoming live presentations by contacting Steve Shay (shaymur@flash.net ).

Past presentations can be seen on the USCS YouTube page using this link: 

Below is a listing of past presentations uploaded to YouTube.  It is updated periodically, and there may be new ones on the YouTube page not yet listed here.    

1 – Postmarks and Postal History of the USS HANNIBAL  Presented by Henry Sweets, September 2022.  

2 – A Stroll Through the Naval Cover Art Museum.   Presented by Steve Shay, July 2021.  

3 – STUFT Ships, Ships Taken Up From Trade:  Merchant ships taken up for service during the Falklands War in 1982.  Researched and collected by David & Laurie Bernstein.  Presented by Laurie Bernstein, October 2022.   

4 – Naval covers of the Ships of Taffy 3: Two Hours of Gumption, Glory and Guts.  Naval covers from the ship of Taffy 3, presented by David and Laurie Bernstein, September 2021.  

5 – Berthed at Portland: the Battleship Oregon (1925-1942).  Presented by Lloyd Ferrell, July 2022.  

6 – A Naval covers of the Yangtze Patrol.  Presented by Randy Pence and Greg Finnegan, May 2022.  

7 – Naval Covers from ships named for places in Pennsylvania.  Presented by Ron Breznay, November 2022. 

8 -Civil War ships, A to Y (No X).  Presented by David and Laurie Bernstein, January 2021.

9 – Victims of the Devine Wind.  Naval covers from the ships sunk by Japanese kamikaze attacks during World War II, presented by David & Laurie Bernstein, April 2022.  

10 – The Evolution of Naval Covers.  How the hobby of naval cover collecting has evolved, presented by Steve Shay, January 2022. 

11 – St Patricks Day Naval Covers.  A collection of St. Patrick’s Day naval covers, presented by Steve Shay, March 2022.  

12 – Pre-World War II Flight Covers.  Navy flight covers, many of them flown, from flights prior to World War II, presented by Steve Shay, June 2022.  

13 – Dr. Locy and the Naval Postmark Classification System.  The story of Dr. Locy and the Naval Postmark Classification System, presented by Steve Shay, December 2021.