Sales Circuits


The Sales Circuit is an approval service by and for the membership. Periodically, as members provide covers for sale, a circuit is mailed out in such categories as, General, Battleships, Submarines, and 9 other.  Requests for a specific event cachet maker, or time frame are also honored when possible.  The covers are provided and priced by the member/seller for purchase by other members.  With the permission of the owner, covers are sometimes sold on eBay. Circuits are also sent to chapter meetings where a larger number of members can see a circuit. 

For more information please contact Stewart B. Milstein. 
Mailing Address:          
          Winter (Oct 15 – May 5)  Stewart Milstein, USCS Sales Circuit, PO Box 1051, Cortaro AZ 85652-1051
          Summer (May 6 – Oct 14) – Stewart Milstein, USCS Sales Circuit, PO Box 340141, Brooklyn NY 11234-0141

Below are typical examples of covers you’ll find in the Sales Circuit.