Cover of the Month

Cover of the Month

This is an eclectic group of covers posted over many years and by a variety of members. Steve Shay should be credited with most of these.  Many of the archived covers give highlights of the ship’s history, the cachet maker if appropriate and what the cancellation date and type are.

USS Philip

USS Philip By John Young (#L-8219) A “Wilkes” class destroyer launched in July 1918 that saw three periods of active duty (August 1918- March 1922 & February 1930- March 1937) before going to England under the “lend-lease” program in October

USS Schenck

USS Schenck By Steve Shay (#L-10,821) The destroyer USS Schenck, DD-159, was one of many destroyers built as part of the World War I US Navy expansion. And like many, she served for only a short period, from 1919 until
USS Wahoo Naval Cover

USS Wahoo (SS-238)

USS Wahoo SS-238 By Steve Shay (L-10,821) The USS Wahoo was one of the well recognized submarine names to come out of World War II. Under commanding officer Dudley “Mush” Morton, the sub claimed sinking 17 ships for 100,000 tons.

USS Herbert (DD-160)

USS Herbert DD-160 By John Young (USCS #L-8,219) October 2008 Cover of the Month Navy Day 1934 This unidentified comic strip appears on photographic paper, courtesy of B.C. Thomas, Weehawken (Union City), New Jersey. Thomas (USCS #252) would start the