USCS Awards

USCS Annual Awards

At its 1991 meeting, the USCS Directors established an awards program for both long and short term contributions.  Three annual service type awards were established for contributions in the year or two before the nomination to be considered by this committee.  Nominations for all awards should be made in writing to the committee chairman, along with specific reasons justifying the nomination.

York Briddell Award – named for the founder of the Society, for excellence in leadership in organizational work, recruiting and promotion, either at the national level or for chapters or study groups.

Walter Crosby Award – named for the noted cachet sponsor, for excellence in developing and producing cacheted covers.

Joseph Hale Award – named for the founder and first editor of the Catalog of United States Naval Postmarks, for excellence in research on different aspects of the hobby.

Stan Honeyman Award – named for Stanton Honeyman, Editor of the USCS Log from 1981 to 1984. Initially this award was for the “best article in a 12 issue volume; in 1998 modified for the best naval/maritime historical article and the best article on postal markings/documentation. In 2003, the board approved a third award for special (not defined) contributions if selected by the committee. This award was first given in 2004.  Recipients receive a certificate and a $25 check  presented at the convention General membership meeting. The awards are also announced in the Log.

Long-Term USCS Awards

Also established in 1991 were two special awards for lifetime service/contribution: Ray and Helen St. John Award, and the USCS Hall of Fame.  These awards are given out only infrequently, and nominations are handled by a special committee.

Ray and Helen St. John Award – The purpose of this award is to recognize, over the long term, living individuals who have provided exceptional service(s) to the USCS or naval cover collecting. The required service shall have been sufficiently exemplary such that only a small percent of all USCS members will qualify. The length of service should be measured in years or decades.  For details on the nomination procedure, see the page listing members who have received this high award.

Navy Cover Collectors’ Hall of Fame – The Navy Cover Collectors’ Hall of Fame recognizes the most influential people in the hobby of Navy cover collecting. In 1992 five people were selected; since then only one person may be elevated to the Hall of Fame each year.  Nominations should be submitted to the USCS Hall of Fame Committee, along with details justifying consideration for this award.

USCS Exhibit Awards

An exhibit is more than simply displaying covers from your collection, but is a thoughtful presentation that tells a story as it progresses.  Historically, USCS members have done exhibits for many years, and since becoming an affiliate of APS in the 1990’s, we have followed their rules and guidelines for exhibiting.  Over the years, leaders within the USCS have encouraged exhibiting as way to promote the hobby, but none more than the late Bob Rawlins.  Currently, USCS has four different awards for exhibits of naval covers.  Although USCS provides the plaques, the selections for the actual awards are made by the exhibit judges.  Based on the exhibits at the show, not all awards are may be applicable.  Most of the awards listed below were created years ago, but the Rommel Award was created later and first given out in 2015.

Anthony Fernandez Award:  for the best multi-frame naval cover exhibit in the show.

Frances E. Locy Award:  for the best multi-frame study of one or more types of postmarks classified according to the Locy System.

Jesse Burgess Thomas Memorial Award:  for the most outstanding exhibit of covers of maritime or naval history.

Captain Herbert F. Rommel Award:  for best one-frame Award for the best single frame exhibit of naval covers.