Outreach Center

Need Assistance for an Outreach Event? 
For USCS members and Chapters interested in doing outreach, this is the place to start.  We have a few resources on this page that should be helpful, and if you contact us there is more we can provide.  (Contact any USCS Officer to get started: President, VP, Secretary, or Treasurer.)

Type of Events.   The main goal of outreach events is to promote the hobby of Naval Cover collecting, and to recruit new members to USCS.  The event itself is limited only by the imagination, however, a common choice would be at a local stamp show.  A table at a public event is also a possibility, e.g., a hobby fair, or giving a talk to an organization.  The USCS would be happy to support these and other creative outreach approaches.  
     NOTE:  Advance planning for an event is key, and also allows for
           time get materials to you if requested.

Suggestions for what to take to an event include:
         Applications for Membership – these can be printed from the
         link on this page. 
         USCS Poster – an 8.5″x11″ size poster can be printed from a
         link on this page.  Larger sizes can be provided by request.
         Copies of the USCS LOG – these are great for handouts and
         are highly recommended.  We will provide a few past issues
         if requested.
         Naval Covers – having a few naval covers at the table as giveaways
         always draws attention, and is recommended.  Upon request, we
         can usually help provide a number of covers.  
         USCS Banner – we have a 3×5 foot banner (same image as the poster) that is perfect as the backdrop at a booth.  Generally this is used
         for larger events, e.g., the USCS Convention, but can be loaned out upon request.  Let us know if it would be helpful.

Click the button below to print the application for USCS Membership.  

Click the button below to print the small version USCS poster.  A color printer is needed for this.  Larger sizes of the poster can be provided by request.