Cover of the Month

This is an eclectic group of covers posted over many years and by a variety of members. Steve Shay should be credited with most of these.  Many of the archived covers give highlights of the ship’s history, the cachet maker if appropriate and what the cancellation date and type are.

USS Squalus (SS-192)

USS SQUALUS SS-192 By Glenn Smith (#8073) Perhaps the most famous U.S. Navy submarine peacetime disaster, mainly for the massive successful rescue effort after she sank off the Isle of Shoals on May 23rd, 1939. Commissioned in March 1939, SQUALUS

USS Relief (AH-1)

USS Relief AH-1 By Steve Shay (#L-10,821) This hand painted cover by an unknown artist marks St. Valentine’s Day 1935 aboard the hospital ship USS Relief. The Relief was the first ship designed as a hospital ship for the US

USS Vincennes (CA-44)

Vincennes (CA-44) John Young, (#L-8219) Interesting hand-drawn ink & pen cachet (colored pencil) done by sailor aboard USS VINCENNES (Leonard) for crew-member, H. Avery Pratt for a relative in Essex, CT. Cachet depicts “King Neptune & mermaid” waiting for ship

USS Vestal (AR-4)

USS VESTAL (AR 4) John Young (L-8219) A combination of colored pencil, ink, newspaper cartoon (Popeye) & part of a photograph documents the retirement of Michael Owens from U.S. Navy, posted aboard USS VESTAL on July 7, 1939. Mike enlisted

USS Turkey (AM-13)

USS Turkey (AM-13) By Steve Shay (#L-10,821) The minesweeper USS TURKEY was assigned to the Pacific Fleet based in San Pedro, California in September 1939. TURKEY was commissioned December 13, 1918, a little too late to see service during World