Cover of the Month (page 12)

Cover of the Month

This is an eclectic group of covers posted over many years and by a variety of members. Steve Shay should be credited with most of these.  Many of the archived covers give highlights of the ship’s history, the cachet maker if appropriate and what the cancellation date and type are.

USS Nevada (BB-36)

USS Nevada (BB 36) John Young (L-8219) Interesting piece of fan mail from sailor (John Miller Sampson) to silent-film star (Tom Mix) posted with ship’s type 2r cancel on 10 MAY 1926. His cowboy hero worked at Fox Studios, Hollywood

USS Marblehead (CL-12)

USS MARBLEHEAD (CL-12) By Captain Lawrence B. Brennan, U.S. Navy (Retired), (USCS #L-6221) An uncacheted cover addressed to the 15 year old high school student, Herbert Fox Rommel Jr., who lived in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. The cover was postmarked on 9 June 1931 and bears

USS Horne (CG-30)

USS Horne CG-30 By Steve Shay (#L-10821) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This hand drawn cachet by Gary Rogak (USCS #8398) was cancelled aboard the cruiser USS Horne on March 17, 1988. Gary produced hundreds of hand drawn covers. The Horne