USCS Reference Collections #1 and #2

These collections are full of varied and useful background information, for research on naval covers and USCS history.   The Reference Collections are in searchable PDF format, and  will be mailed on a flash drive.

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USCS Reference Collections No. 1 and No. 2 

USCS Reference Collection No. 1

This collection was put together in 2017, and includes several thousand pages of interesting material in searchable PDF format.  Some relates directly to the early years of naval cover collecting, e.g., the USCS Yearbooks, but there are also items useful for historical research, especially the variety of newsletters included.  Some of this material, had we not scanned and preserved it, would already have been lost.  Featured in this collection are:

ANCS Log and Navigator – newsletters of the American Naval Cancellation Society (1935-1945), All 92 issues are in the collection, with stories and information similar to the early USCS Log.

Naval Shore Station Cancellation Society Newsletters – The publication of the Naval Shore Station Cancellation Society, which specialized in cancels from Navy, Marine Corps, and Aviation squadrons.  Formed in 1941, the organization was short lived, but produced 37 known newsletters, all which are in this collection.

Pearl Harbor Study Group Newsletters – These were produced by the (now defunct) Pearl Harbor Study Group between 1987-1998.  They contain interesting information an cover illustrations for collectors specializing in this area.  All 42 newsletters from the group are represented in the collection.

Nuclear Ships Chapter No. 61 Newsletters and Bulletins – This USCS chapter focused on nuclear ships, and produced newsletters from 1962 to 1977.  All 155 newsletters, minus the first issue, are represented in this collection.

Puget Sound Chapter No. 74 Cover Catalog – This monumental achievement documents some 3000 covers produced by Puget Sound Chapter members from 1975 – 2016.  It was put together by long-time chapter president Robert Clark, and has background information for covers many of us have in our collections.

USCS Yearbooks – During the early years of USCS, beginning in 1936, annual yearbooks were printed and distributed to members.  They included a membership roster along with organizational information.  During and after WWII, the yearbooks were only produced sporadically; the last one was in 1957.  All 14 USCS Yearbooks are contained in this collection.

USCS Reference Collection No. 2 

Released in early 2020, this collection is more eclectic than the first.  Here there is more material on early classification systems for naval cancellations, but also information on subjects ranging from Coast Guard covers, the frigate Constitution, and the space program.  The collection includes:

Coast Guard Study Group Newsletters – A complete set of newsletters (1984 – 1998), with an enormous amount of detailed information and illustrations. 

Constitution “Scott 951” Catalog – Focuses on and documents covers utilizing the 1947 CONSTITUTION postage stamp (Scott #951).  Skip Eckel provides information along with several hundred scans of covers.  His PowerPoint slides (about 1200 pages) have now been converted to PDF format.

Early Navy Postal History – This is a consolidation of two LOG article series on the earliest days of naval ship cancels. 

Early Postmark Classification and Misc. Info – Prior to the 1997 Postmark Catalog, there were many articles and other publications about naval postmarks.  This collection is a varied accumulation of material from more than 25 sources.  

Exhibits – There are two exhibits included: (1) the famous USS OREGON exhibit by Bob Rawlins, that photocopied in color by Paul Huber before being broken up; and (2) the 2019 Tokyo Bay exhibit by Steve Shay. 

Navy Mail Clerk Manuals and Shipping Guide – The mail clerk manuals from 1912 and 1939 are included, along with the 1930 Navy Shipping Guide.

Paquebot Marks of the Americas – by Gustav Lund– This book was done by USCS member Gus Lund in 1984, carefully cataloging 193 pages of paquebot marks in North, Central, and South America. 

Project Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Books – by Donald Schultz – This collection consists of three books by Don Schultz, two done in 1967 and the other in 1970.  Detailed information about the space program is included, along with cover examples. 

System for Naval Postmarks – by Delf Norona – About 1932, before the Locy System became fully accepted, Delf Norona published this interesting classification system.

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