Naval Cachet Makers Catalog Vol. II

The follow-up catalog to his landmark first work, with Volume II Robert Rawlins continues his study and documentation of naval cachets.  This time will color illustrations.  It is available in both Printed form, or as download in PDF format.

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Naval Cachet Makers Catalog Volume II (2009)
Compiled and edited by Robert D. Rawlins

The long-planned sequel to the original Naval Cachet Makers Catalog was finally completed by Bob Rawlins in 2009.  This time he focuses on the ANCS Crews, USCS Chapters, and Study Groups.  It contains over 300 pages of text providing a rich historical background, and has many color illustrations.  There are over 70 chapters of USCS represented, and more than 15 of the ANCS Crews who have sponsored cachets for Naval covers since the 1930’s.  The printed version of the complete catalog has 316 pages, size 8 1/2 x 11, punched for a three ring binder.  There is also an electronic version available (PDF format on flash drive)

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