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This book, first published in the late 1990’s, is the primary reference for the work of Tazewell Gatling Nicholson.  It has long been out of print, but Ludo Janssens has granted permission for the USCS to make it available.  Written in both English and Flemish, it is now in searchable PDF format via download.

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Tazewell Gatling Nicholson Catalog – (PDF) Download
by Ludo Janssens   
Written in the late 1990’s, Ludo Janssens documents the work and the life of well-known cachet director Tazewell Nicholson (1916-1997).  Nicholson was an early member of the USCS, and was actively involved for some 60 years beginning in the 1930’s.  He is in the USCS Naval Collectors’ Hall of Fame.

Organization of Book 

The book is written in both English and Flemish, and both languages have been converted to searchable PDF format.  The first part of the book documents Nicholson’s history of sponsoring cachets, and the last part catalogs his work.  Long since out of print, it is now being made available with permission of Ludo Janssens.

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