Constitution Book: Vols. I & II

This 2-volume catalog, first published in the 1990’s, remains the primary reference for covers related to the cruise of the frigate Constitution (1931-1934).  Due to the large size, we offer it only as a download in searchable PDF format.

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Constitution Book – (PDF) Download
by Leon Field   
(ISBN 0-9657316-8-5 987-09657316-8-3)

This USCS publication contains an enormous amount of information for any USS CONSTITUTION cover collector. One can only marvel at the amount of work done by Leon Field and the USS CONSTITUTION Study Group to amass this much information and then publish these two volumes.  Our continued thanks goes to Leon, posthumously, and all others who helped.

Organization of USS CONSTITUTION Material

This material was originally published in two paper books each roughly covering half the material. Volume I details cruise from Boston, MA, to just off San Diego, CA, 1 July 1931 to 20 January 1933. Volume II begins with the cruise in San Diego, CA and ends with the ship back in Boston, MA, 21 January 1933 to 8 June 1934. Both Volumes have small appendixes with useful information. All the information from the book has been converted into a searchable PDF format. 

Each Volume consists of two major sections, the Catalog section and the Cachet Section. The Catalog section contains the listing explained below for the time frame of the Volume. The Cachet section contains the illustrations of the cachets/covers.

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