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    Rich Hoffner

    I have been trying to cover the newest USCG offshore patrol cutters. Determining the Commissioning dates can be daunting. I have t0 rely of stale press releases and there seem to be a lack of current press releases about these WPC’s.


    Alyn Lunt

    Will try and check at least once a week, as to my cover request I sent out about 24 request to WMEC class cutters and several of the newer 158-foot WPC in early August and

    to date (9/18) only two came back


    How do you word your request letter to these ?

    Alyn Lunt

    Enclose two SASE with request that they would apply any cachet or other ship’s marking to my envelopes and return them by USPS. If they have a ship’s postmark, would they kindly cancel the stamp. For best results, use Purple Heart stamp or other stamp with a white background. Good Luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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