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If you are joining USCS during the months of July, August, or September, use the dropdown box below to select the type of membership you want.

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Thank you for choosing to become a member of USCS—we’re happy to have you on board.  There are several types of membership are described below, and you can either join through the website (some exceptions) or by mail via paper application.


 REGULAR MEMBERS – receive the monthly USCS LOG and all other benefits of membership.

SUSTAINING MEMBERS – for additional fee, in addition to all other member benefits, you will receive the printed LOG by first class mail. 

eLOG MEMBERSHIP – receive monthly LOG via email, and all other benefits of membership.

YOUTH MEMBERS – if you are under the age of 18 the dues are reduced (half), and you will receive the USCS LOG and other membership benefits.  NOTE: if joining as a youth member, contact us and well arrange it for you.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP:  – you can become a life member when you join initially, or convert to life membership later.  Costs are: to age 45, $500; ages 46-55, $400; ages 56-65, $350; ages 66-75, $250; age 76 and older, $100.  Note: see separate page about joining or converting to Life Membership.


Cost to Join
This may seem a little complicated, so feel free to contact us if you have a question.  The prices for new membership vary depending on when you join.  Our membership year begins April 1, and we adjust the cost depending on the quarter you join.  For new membership, there is a $2 registration fee included.  Renewal notices are mailed in December.

Use the table below to determine the cost based on the month you’re joining:

Month Joining

Regular US Addr. (Periodical Rate)

US Address First Class Rate

International (Periodical Rate)

eLOG Member (email only)

Jan, Feb, Mar.*





April, May, June





July, Aug, Sept





Oct, Nov, Dec





* fee for 15 months

Additional information

Membership Choices

USA – periodical mail, USA – First Class, International – periodical mail, eLOG Membership