Life Membership in USCS

Life Membership costs are based on age, and the prices shown are for USA addresses.  Same prices apply for eLOG Life Membership (chosen by most with an international mailing address).  Life membership for the printed LOG outside of the USA can be arranged, but you’ll need to contact us.

$100.00 $500.00

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Life Membership in USCS

Most often it’s a current USCS member who chooses to convert to Life Membership, but occasionally a new member joins at this level.  The rates vary based on certain age breakpoints, and include the printed LOG at the periodical rate (some life members choose to separately pay extra annually for first-class delivery). 

Once a life member, no further dues are paid, however you will still receive a letter during the annual membership drive.  It provides you the opportunity to request first-class delivery or to make a donation, and serves as a reminder to report changes, e.g., new address, or email.  

The table below shows the rates for USA addresses.  The same rates apply for eLOG Life Membership, which is a good option for those living outside the United States.  Due to the high cost of postage, most who live outside the U.S. choose to become eLOG life members.  However, we can arrange to have the printed version of the LOG sent internationally at either the periodic rate or first class rate.  You’ll need to contact us if that’s what you want.

The chart below gives the breakpoints and rates (U.S. address*) for Life Membership in the USCS  Use the dropdown box above for the age category that applies to you.  

             Ages 18 to 45                    $500  
               Ages 46-55                       $400
               Ages 56-65                       $350
               Ages 66-75                       $250
               Age 76 and older            $100

*same prices for eLOG Life Membership (chosen by most with an international mailing address).  


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Life Member Age Range

Ages 18-45 Life Membership, Ages 46-55 Life Membership, Ages 56-65 Life Membership, Ages 66-75 Life Membership, Age 76 and older Life Membership